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A range of food-state superfood supplements and shakes, packed with vitamins, minerals and other nutrients (including antioxidants, phyto-chemicals, dietary fibre and flavonoids).

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About This Product 100 capsules: Concentrated antioxidant formula Product summary Acai Berry i..
KOKOSHUNGSAN All-In-One Dietary Fibre
About This Product 180g powder: Combination high-fibre bowel cleanser and weight loss support P..
KOKOSHUNGSAN Food form vitamin C
About This Product 60 capsules: Food form vitamin C Product summary Food form vitamin C i..
KOKOSHUNGSAN Hemp Choc-Mint Protein Shake
About This Product 500g powder: Chocolate and mint flavour hemp protein powder plus superfo..
KOKOSHUNGSAN Hemp Protein Shake
About This Product 500g powder: Plant protein from hemp PLUS 15 superfoods Product summary He..
KOKOSHUNGSAN High Quality Pea Protein Powder
About This Product 500g powder: High quality protein with added phyto-nutrients Product summary..
KOKOSHUNGSAN Montmorency Cherry & Beetroot
About This Product 60 capsules: Montmorency cherry and beetroot formula, plus nutritive allies ..
KOKOSHUNGSAN Organic Super Green Shake
About This Product 300g powder: Organic superfoods combination Product summary Organic Super ..
Organic Multi-Nutrient Superfood
An organic superfood and herbal multivitamin in capsules .Dr.Hou100% organic superfoods in capsule f..
Specialist Supplements Acai Berry Supreme caps
Acai Berry Supreme is a high-potency formulation, which combines 1065mg of freeze-dried ac..
Specialist Supplements CherryBeet caps
60 vege capsules: These combination beetroot and cherry capsules are in natural food state for maxi..
Specialist Supplements Dietary Fibre Complex
120 vege capsules: A high-fibre nutritional formula in easy-to-take capsules. The fibre is der..
Specialist Supplements Fruit Powders (Organic)
100g organic powder: A blend of organic freeze-dried fruit powders from apples, bana..
Specialist Supplements GreeNourish Complete organic powder
300g organic powder: A 100% organic superfoods combination powder - one of the most nutrient-d..
Specialist Supplements HempPRO powder
500g powder: This protein powder provides complete, balanced and natural protein from hemp, PLUS vi..
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