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Health food

A series of organic, natural health food supplements, vitamins and minerals, support general health, high energy levels, the immune system and well-being.

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100% Organic Freeze-Dried Fruit Powders 100g
 A tasty and nutritious powder blend of organic fruits ..
100% Organic Super Green Shake 300g
100% Organic Super Green Shake is a complete food form combination powder .... ..
Cleanse and Detox Combination Pack
Cleanse and Detox Combination Pack! Start detoxing now - it's easier than you think! ..
Health and Vitality Support Pack
Health, energy and vitality! Descripti..
£76.96 £74.99
Hemp Protein Shake protein drink 500g
Hemp Protein Shake is easily digestible, does not cause bloating or flatulence, and an ideal al..
High protein Pea-Based Powder 500g
High protein pea-based powder Descrip..
High-Fibre Nutritional Formula 120 capsules
A comprehensive blend of soluble and insoluble dietary fibres for a healthy and regular digestive sy..
Immune System Support Pack
Ensure your immune system is ready for any challenge! ..
£113.94 £110.99
Meal Replacement  Protein drink Shake  ( Vanilla Flavour)
Dairy-free, gluten-free meal replacement drink A tasty and nutritious meal replacement shake an..
Meal Replacement  Protein drink Shake  (Chocolate Flavor)
Chocolate flavour, dairy-free, gluten-free meal replacement drink   ..
Natural Vitamin C 500mg 60 capsules
A natural and non-acidic food form Vitamin C . Natural Vitamin C is a food state / food fo..
Specialist Supplements MaxNourish organic capsules
100 vege capsules: An organic multi-herbal, nutrient-dense formula in easy-to-take caps..
Specialist Supplements MEALtime powder (Chocolate Flavour)
300g powder: A dairy-free, gluten-free chocolate-flavoured meal replacement and pr..
Specialist Supplements MEALtime powder (Vanilla Flavour)
300g powder: A dairy-free, gluten-free vanilla-flavoured meal replacement and prot..
Specialist Supplements NaturaC vitamin C caps
60 vege capsules: A food state vitamin C supplement derived from some of nature’s richest so..
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