Why sell your products/ services here?

1) Our army of affiliates will promote your products!

2) Our army of re-sellers will promote your products!

3) We will promote your products for you with a newsletter, social media..etc marketing.

How much you need to pay for the listing and final fee? 

You are welcome to list unlimited products here. It is FREE to list your products here!

For digital products: you need to pay for 50% final fee when products sold! The 50% fee will go to 5 TIERS Affiliates (10% for each tier) who promote your products! Pay commission to affiliates generously and earn more profits for yourself. Check how we pay to affiliate HERE.

For physical products, the standard rate for a final fee is currently 15%. (10% for affiliate; 5% for Kokoshungsan Ltd.)

How to be a vendor/seller?

1) Register a general account via homepage (click "My account" on the top menu. Login your account and you will see a notification of "register a seller account" above the dashboard. )

2) Go "Product" on the right menu and start selling your products!