• The 6 Figure List Template

The 6 Figure List Template

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Odds are you are reading this right now because you received an email. Maybe from me, maybe from one of my affiliates...

You saw a subject line that interested you enough to open the message, the body of the email made you click through to the sales page which then sold you enough to open your Paypal account or pull out your credit card and purchase this ebook. Clearly you see firsthand the power of email marketing!

Over the last year I built a business from scratch on the Warrior Forum.

This entire business is built around email marketing, whether it’s my list or my affiliates – it’s the number one source of traffic and the lifeblood of the business. As you can see above, from March 1st 2011, till the end of February 2012 I have pulled in $167,538.52 in affiliate commissions. This figure is ONLY affiliate commissions generated by emailing my WSO lists. This does not include any of my own product sales, coaching, upsells, or other sources. The email swipes in this course generated every cent selling other peoples products.


The emails generated a total of 13,572 affiliate sales in this time period, average commission per sale was $12.34, and converted at $1.47 per hop. This means I generated $1.47 for every person that clicked on a link in the emails I sent out! The figures below the total are individual promotions. The top 5 affiliate products are shown, from $3,273.50 - $4,915.45. The top product paid a 50% commission which means the emails I sent out promoting it generated a total of $9,830.90 in sales!

These numbers are completely possible for any newbie to achieve...

When the affiliate program was launched, I had a list of around 2,000 subscribers. As of right now, at the time of this writing my WSO list is just over 11,000:

Buy and learn more....

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