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  • YoubeTraffic Search Ranker V6.0.2 - 2020 Edition - Advanced Youtube Bot For Professional Youtubers

YoubeTraffic Search Ranker V6.0.2 - 2020 Edition - Advanced Youtube Bot For Professional Youtubers

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TubeTraffic Search Ranker V6.0.2 - 2020 Edition - Advanced Youtube Bot For Professional Youtubers


Buy this software and get this software 100% free:
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We will send you the secret method TO RANK #1 ON YOUTUBE IN REAL 

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Now selling our secret tool to rank #1 for higher competitive keywords.
This software already helped over 4000+ of our clients to rank their videos on youtube page #1.
And the success ration was 99%.

And we guarantee that this is only the super-advanced bot software available on the current market.

Why is our bot super-advanced? Bcz It comes with a built-in Artificial Intelligence Program:

  • The time function controlled by a built-in AI. That understands & 
    learns about your CPU resources & other things while installation. 
    Based on your CPU resources the Bot will decide itself when to start a 
    new task & how long it should wait to start a new task.
  • In this way, we made it compatible with very low resources computers &
    Windows RDP servers. As a result, the bot never gets crashed.
  • You are welcome to keep it running for 24x365 on any windows based machine.
What's New in V6.0.2
First of all, this is an excellent software with a lot of functional features. While using this software, you could probably find more than 16+ different combinations. Few key features as follows-
  1. Supports HTML 5 Videos (As of 2020 youtube Update - Youtube no longer supports Adobe Flash Player. We also went ahead & updated our bots supports only for HTML5 Videos)
  2. Multi URL support
  3. Multi URL + Keyword support
  4. Number of Multi-thread per views number (Critical mathematical part that will be explaining on in the software documentation) 
  5. Threads for internal pages
  6. Proxy Method
  7. VPN Method
  8. Drive Direct traffic to websites, videos, sales pages, an affiliate link, etc. 
  9. Drive keyword-targeted organic traffic to your video.
  10. Rank videos page #1 on youtube & its 100% guaranteed
  11. Drive traffic to playlist videos in a human way
  12. Track human/shopper response to playlist video viewing
  13. Built-in Proxy checker ( Plugin developed by our team)
  14. Built-in Captcha solver (Plugin developed by our team)
  15. Auto referrer generator (Plugin developed by our team)
  16. Lower CPU Usage: Capability of using very low resourced PCs 
  17. Clean Browser cache before each action performed 
  18. Clear Browser history
  19. Clear OS Temp Data
  20. Make Memory (RAM) available before performing each action 
  21. Control time function by our own developed AI 

How it works:
  • It comes with an additional AI(Artificial intelligence) program. That looks for only working URLs.
  • Sets a new IP every navigation using VPN.
  • Go to youtube > write your keyword in the search box > Starts searching your video.
  • It will navigate up to 6 search result pages > If your video found, it will instantly click on the video >
  • ANd register your targeting keyword on youtube analytics
  • Wait a random time while watching your video.
  • Clear Browsing traces.
  • every new navigation it changes the user agent
  • 4000+ User-agent to make your Visit come From Different System, Browsers.
  • You need to set a referrer shortened URL so that youtube can see that all the traffic come from twitter, Facebook, etc.
* * * Please note that: this software uses proxy or VPN.

What comes with TubeTraffic bot
  • Bonus #1: Step by step tutorial on setting up your own free windows server for 1 year and its absolutely free of cost.
  • Bonus #2: A bonus bot value of 50$.
  • Bonus #3: Video URL Management system: Control all your video URLs from a single admin panel.
  • Complete Setup tutorial.
  • Extended license for unlimited PC use 

What are the hardware requirements?
> This bot can work both in powerful and non-powerful Pc's. For non-powerful Pc's you need to use the available options to reduce CPU uses. Every PC has limits that why there is an option to set up the numbers of multi-threads and the lite version. It's not logical if you put 50 threads for a non-powerful PC & less than 3 minutes set in the time field.

What proxy I should use?
> Every time you want to run the bot please make sure to scrape fresh proxies. Must use HTTPS residential elite proxies that passed with youtube testAlso, be advised that we never recommend using of free publicly open proxies. If you do, use them entirely at your own risk. 

Is your software work with google chrome or firefox?
  1. We stopped supporting google chrome & firefox after we realize that both browsers are connected to google safe browsing network: https://safebrowsing.google.com
  2. Probably google could be spying on your browser activity by using something like a backdoor technology. As a result, view drops.
  3. In this case, we use our own builtin bot browser to keep our clients safe.

I set an infinite amount of views like "999999" and it stops after like 20 views. Why does the bot stop after some time with the message "done"? 
> You're doing it the wrong way. You use the numbers field only with a VPN only. If you select proxies option the bot will loop the number of proxies, not the number you entered.

How to set minimum & maximum retention?

If you have any questions regarding this bot, please contact me.

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