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All-in-One Website Submission Software *Platinum*

All-in-One Website Submission Software *Platinum*
All-in-One Website Submission Software *Platinum*
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All-in-One Submission SEO Software *Enterprise version*
FREE 24/7 customer support (send tick easily via software platform)
Over one million installations of all-in-one search engine submission software since 1995.

Hundreds of clients use our top 20 ranking guaranteed services and search engine submission SEO online service.

The powerful submission tool is designed and used by top search engine ranking experts. It's the most powerful, complete and easy to use web site submission software which supports your url submission to over 800,000 engines and helps webmaster to drive traffic for free. It's the best url submit software for top 10 and top 20 search engine positioning.

The powerful submission tool has been awarded the highest honors. It is available for Win95, Win98, Win2000, NT, ME, XP, Vista.



Standard version: designed for smaller companies and web developers with only 1 or 2 websites to promote.

Pro version: designed for companies with multiple websites, but who do not need to be completely automated.

Platinum or Enterprise version: designed for those companies who wish to truly put their website promotions on autopilot. You have complete and unlimited access to all of the program's features and can submit multiple URL's simultaneously. You also have the ability to completely customize the submission reports, so you can send these to your clients and have them appear with your company information, logos and more!

Number of Engines and Websites:

The Standard allows the user to submit as many URL's as they wish, but only 1 at a time



The Pro will submit up to 10 websites at one time.




The Platinum will submit an Unlimited number of URL's simultaneously.


Over 1,000,000


The Enterprise will submit an Unlimited number of URL's simultaneously.


Over 1,000,000



Create Custom Reports



Custom Report Builder




Automatically Create Reports

Create Reports in Email, HTML or Plain Text ormat



Email Reports to 1 or More email addresses



How Many Sites Can I submit at One time?



1 at a time




Up to 10 at once









Ranking Feature        

Number of keywords which can be tested per session





Doorway Page Generator


Doorway Page Generator



Project Importer


Import old Sessions Into new Projects

Engine Darabase Updater


Automatically Update your Engine Database


Automatic Program Updater


Check to make sure you have the latest version at all times

Automated Scheduler & Projects


Set up your Projects Once and resbumit automatically



Unlimited Projects

Unlimited Projects

Number of Projects that can be saved





key Word Density Analyzer


Check how your keywords rank with the search engines, and compare against a competitors site


Up to 5 Keywords



Meta Tag Generator


Create Meta Tags and insert them into your pages automatically


Linkage Tool


Find out how well your site is linked in the major search engines

Website search tool


Easily search all the major engines with your keywords

FTP Uploader


Automatically Upload new Doorway Pages


Automatically Upload new Meta Tags


Keyword Builder


Generate hundreds of keywords automatically


Top Keywords


Automatically find keywords with little competition

Spider Page Analyzer


See how search engines view and track your site


User Engines


Add your own search engines to submit to

Project Manager


Easily manage all your project submissions from one easy to use interface


Import Projects


Import project details directly from a CSV file




Server Monitoring


Monitor 9 ports on your server checking for critical failures. FTP, HTTP, POP3, SMTP etc.




New notes allows you to keep better track of your projects.

Google Mapper


Easily create and maintain Google Site Maps



SEO Analyser*


Powerful tool that checks over 20 known elements that affect your rankings in the search engines.



HTML Validator (using W3C validator service)


Scan your HTML to make sure it has the proper syntax.

Broken Link Checker (using W3c Service)


Checks your website for broken links.

PPC Search engine manager


Managing your PPC campaigns

ROI Calculators


ROI (Return On Investment) allows you to track and monitor your spending on your Pay Per Click

Generate Keyword Combinations


Get Competitors Keywords, and Generate thousands of targeted keyword lists

Get Competitors Keywords


Get Competitors Keywords, and Generate thousands of targeted keyword lists

Semi Submitter


Loads various engines submission pages. It will analyze the pages source for common submission fields and auto populate your projects information into the form

Human Emulation


HTML Editor


Built in WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) HTML editor

Page Advisor


Analyzes your web page and your competitor's web page for a given keyword

Site Stats*


This service provides a detailed analysis including traffic reports, marketing reports, and visitor profile reports.

Guaranteed Top 10*


Get a guaranteed top 10 listing for any keyword within 6-8 hours


*Additional fees apply


With over 1,000,000 installations, the software is clearly the industry leader. With users in both the corporate world and the private sector, The Submission Software has become the submission tool of choice. Here are just a few of the companies using All-in-One Submission:
Nike, Caterpillar, DataSafe, Microsoft, Intel, IDFour, TLCO Software and Many More...!!

Hundreds of companies use our top 10 search engine ranking and top 20 search engine ranking service. We are unable to display a full client list for public viewing. We will be happy to supply a reference list along with any contact information you may desire upon request.


Partial Client List

  • Ajax Environmental Safety & Supply
  • Advanced Refrigeration
  • Avicor Health Products
  • Bat Manufacturing
  • BatteryStuff
  • BoatCoversEtc
  • Breckenridge Catalog Corp.
  • CardHutch Sports Cards
  • Canyon Marketing
  • Classic Honda
  • CoCreate Software
    Design and Construction, Inc.
  • DuffelBags
  • eBuildingCodes
  • Enteleky
  • Foothill Publications
  • Friendly Planet Travel
  • Global Locate
  • Health-Consumer
  • Huntington College
    ICare, Inc.
  • Ivar's Displays
  • JN Machinery Corp.
  • Kings of Travel
  • Koreston Group, Inc.
  • Life Solutions
  • Long Range Systems
  • Maryland Copier Company
  • Mountain Lake Weddings
  • NetWell Noise Control
  • Outdoor Mobile Media
  • Owner's Marketing Group
  • Penny Lea Music
  • Planon System Solutions
  • Power Nutrition
  • Pro Mailing Equipment
  • Rays Bag Company
  • Richard L. Armstrong & Associates
  • Robert Wilson Capital
  • Short Game Greens
  • SLF Consulting
  • SUV Northwest
  • TheBuildingCodeStore
  • Ticket Tickets
  • Warner Southern College
  • WindWalkers
  • More . . .




Do you really submit to over 880,000 engines?

YES!! (Platinum or Enterprise Version) There is no one on the Net that even comes close! We submit to all of the top search engines like Yahoo, HotBot,Google, Lycos, InfoSeek, & Northernlight as well as tons of smaller directories and link pages, which help your site with 'linkability.' Linkability means 'the # of websites with a link to your site. The higher the number of linked sites, the better ranking you can get in some of the major search engines.The database is easy to navigate and you can select just the search engines, just the directories, all of the sites, etc.

How do I not receive all of those pesky autoresponders?

When submitting your website to so many different locations, getting those site's autoresponders is a nuisance. We have made getting rid of these easy.

Simply get signed up for a free email account, and then in the Project Description tab we have added a convenient 'Junk Mail' box. Add your new/free email address here to divert all those unwanted autoresponders. It's easy and free!

Can I set up the program once and have it submit without my being there?

Absolutely! All-in-One Platinum and Enterprise Versions have a built in Scheduler and a semi submitter, that allows you to enter in which Projects to submit and at what intervals. For example: you could select to submit your site 1 time per day, 1 time per week, Every Month, 6 months...etc. Once you set up the scheduler, your submission are on AUTOPILOT!

How long does a submission take to the entire database?

All-in-One search engine submission software is a multi port utility which will submit your web site with lightning speed! A typical submission will take between 10-20 minutes, depending on your internet connection.

Are upgrades free?

All of our database updates are free. We update the database 1 time per month, and the update can be downloaded by opening the program and hitting the Updater button. From time to time we will come out with feature updates, which enhance the use of the software. These udpates are typically $40 - $60 and are not mandatory. We come out with these types of updates 1 time per year. All bug fix or basic enhancement updates are also free.

How often should we submit our web site to the search engines?

Our suggestion is that you can submit your web site up to 1 time per month to the major search engines, and then up to 1 time per day to the FFA's and smaller directories. If you submit your site to the entire database at least 1 time per month, you will keep your site active with the search engines and increase or maintain your engine positions.

How often is the database updated?

The database is maintained and updated 1 time per month. You will be emailed when this happens (registered users), and you can also check for new updates by opening the program and hitting the Updater button.

Can I put the software on more than 1 computer

All-in-one is a SINGLE STATION USER LICENSE program. This means you can load it on 1 computer. If it's loaded on more than 1 system, the program will detect this an shut down both copies. We realize that many people like to have a copy on their laptop or additional system. We offer these users the option of purchasing additional keys at 50% off.

I plan to reinstall the operating system, format my hard drive or transfer my work to a new computer and I want to have all my projects from the previous location to be available on my new computer. Is this possible and what is the best way to do this?

Enter the program folder on your old computer. You'll see the folder 'DB'. Save it with all its subfolders and files on some other media in order to transfer it to the new location (hard drive, etc.). This is the only way for you to retain all of your projects. Then after you have installed the program on your new location, copy this backup of the 'DB' folder over the one that has been created during the installation. When you run the program, all of your previous project should be available.
Also it is useful to run database update after you have transferred files.

I've submitted my site to all of your engines a few days ago, but I do not see my site in top 200 on the search engines. What's wrong?

The matter is that your site is not indexed immediately upon submission. Some engines may index your site three months after you submit it. That's why until your site is not indexed; it won't appear in the search results at all.

What is All-in-One Submission?
This powerful search engine submission software gives anyone the ability to submit your website and drive traffic to your site with ease. With built in scheduler, meta tag creator, link popularity checker Doorway page creator, FTP Uploader and so much more...All-in-One Submission gives you ONE powerful program for all of your promotional needs.

All-in-One Submission is available for Win95, Win98, Win2000, NT, ME, XP, Vista, Windows7 and is fully functional with America Online. Your investment is safe with our Unconditional 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. We're so sure you will love All-in-One that we offer at no questions asked return policy. No one else on the Net offers the support and quality that All-in-One offers.


All-in-One Submission Tool is designed and used by top search engine ranking experts. It's the most powerful, complete and easy to use web site submission software which supports your url submission to over 800,000 engines and helps webmaster to drive traffic for free. It's the best url submit software for top 10 and top 20 search engine positioning.
All-in-One Submission has been awarded the highest honors. It is available for Win95, Win98, Win2000, NT, ME, XP, Vista.

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