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Internet Marketer Discovers A Simple Way To Type In A Few Words, Click A Button And Instantly Create Over 100 Headlines In Less Than 3-Minutes!

This Simple Little Tool Creates Over 100 Headline Combinations All With A Single Click"

Hello Fellow Marketer,

What is the #1 most important part of all your marketing on the Internet?

It's your headline!

Think about this for a minute. How do people reach you on the Internet?

What makes your reader click over to your website or read your email message?

It all points back to your headline!

Your headline WILL only work as well as you program it to!

It is the only link to your market that says, "I'm open for business, here's what I have to offer"! If it doesn't get people to click over to your offer, you don't make MONEY!

Basically, it was a collection of best ever headlines tightly-packed into one step by step headline creation process that required too much thinking. Although it was a simple process staying within three minutes was ultimately impossible.

The problem was that it actually took more than three minutes to create a headline. I kept questioning myself on how I could automate the process to make it easier for marketers to create headlines and ads.

1. All you do is type in your benefit statement which I'll show you exactly how to create.
2. Click a button.

3. Then click another button and instantly generate over 100 headline combinations for you to choose from!

That's it!

Imagine getting over 100 totally different headlines completely filled in by just typing in a benefit statement about your product. What used to take hours or days now takes less than 3-minutes...It's more like 30 seconds! You may have to change the grammar in a word here or there but that's it! These headlines are ready for you to post.

It's a 2-click button headline brainstormer that generates profit-pulling headlines every time you use it!

What's nice about it is that it's all contained on a single page... This is not a set of large volume books loaded with a bunch of "filler" pages.

The 3-Minute Headline Creator is an *updated*, totally automated headline creator that guarantees you'll get profitable headlines in minutes! You'll get things like:

  1. How to generate over 100 profit making headlines with just two clicks of a button!
  2. Never again waste hard-earned money placing ads with tire-kicker headlines! This alone is worth gold as you will now have an arsenal of profitable headlines that you can choose from all with a click of a button!
  3. You'll get updated headline templates!
  4. Originally I used the same old collection of headlines that you've seen on the net for the last 5 years. Not anymore! You'll get new fresh headline template combinations that will make your head spin! As of this writing, there are 110 headline combinations...That number will go up!
  5. Know how to create a profitable headline by simply showing your reader a specific benefit!

You will learn how to cut through all of the confusion and quickly create money-making headlines by simply filling in the blanks with the easy to use drop down menu selector that I call the "Benefit Statement Starter!

You'll have access to FREE product downloads, split-run headline tests, ezine ad specials, new product updates, articles, reports reprint rights and more!...

P.S. - Within the next 5-minutes you can be viewed over 100 headlines all ready to post to your sales letter, web page, solo ad and more...


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Amazing Web Tools

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