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  • 30 Amazing Niche Wordpress Blog Designs Themes

30 Amazing Niche Wordpress Blog Designs Themes

  • $37.00

  • Price in reward points: 3700

Are you hunting for free Wordpress themes that don't increase your bottom-line profits in any way?

"Multiply Your Blog Traffic and Skyrocket Your Blog Income With These Custom-Built, Plug-in-Profits 'Instant' Wordpress Themes"

Finally, a system so easy that even a newbie can use to make more money Google Adsense and Clickbank, without ANY extra effort whasoever...

Dear blogger,

Stop hunting for Wordpress themes - it's a waste of your time!

Instead of trying to constantly hack your Wordpress theme to get what you want, shouldn't you be spending your limited time writing more good stuff for your readers?

You see... no matter which pretty theme you're searching for, it not going to make any difference to you in terms of:

How much you earn from Google Adsense
How much affiliate commissions you make from Clickbank
How much targeted traffic you get to your blog
But my Super Adsense Wordpress Theme is amazingly different, and here's why:

Advanced SEO Tites

No need for plugins or insane theme hacking - our Super Adsense themes come with advanced SEO (Search Engine Optimized) titles that will get you better search engine rankings and tons of free traffic..

Flexible Navigation Menu

Link to a custom page, a specific category, another blog, or even to an affiliate site! Now you're not limited to only Wordpress pages!

Clickbank-Ready Profits

Simply enter your Clickbank ID and you can make money (up to $32 per sale) from affiliate commissions 24/7 when some buys our other related products.

Adsense-Ready Profits

The Adsense-Ready features will instantly embed your Adsense ID on all pages in the most strategic locations, all 100% compliant with Adsense policies.


Just enter your MyBlogLog.com ID and and start harness the power of MyBlogLog.com by showing the faces of latest visitors on your site. Create a buzzing community of loyal subscribers and readers!

They say the best proof a product works is in the numbers.

Here are my numbers for the Super Adsense theme:

Google Results

If you're skeptical and confused with the thousands of free but inferior and ugly Wordpress themes out there, I hope this irreputable proof puts your mind at ease!

These bloggers are all using the free, plain version of the Super Adsense theme. They had to design it themselves and yet they decided to stick to it permanently because it works!

Heck... they won't even remove the "Powered by..." text because even that can make 'em money!

Now that says something, doesn't it?

Here's My Offer: I'm going to give you 7 (seven) instant themes that you can use right away with the least amount of effort on your side, for just one dollar ($1) each!

All these themes will be "Plug-And-Play", which means that all you have to do is upload it to your server, login to your Wordpress account, enter your Adsense ID and Clickbank ID, and click save.

Then you can go for a tour around the world for all I care. The theme will sit there and make money for you!

I also include:

A Photohop (.psd) file for each theme logo so you can customize it..
A Complete Manual with installing / usage instructions..
Support Forum and resources link just in case you need more help..

These beautiful niche blog themes are all included in your purchase:

iPhone Wordpress Theme

iphone wp theme

Make Money Online Wordpress Theme

make money wp theme

Small Business Wordpress Theme

business theme 1

Professionals / Consulting Business Wordpress Theme

business theme 2

Ebay & Online Auction Wordpress Theme

ebay theme

Real Estate / FSBO Wordpress Theme

real estate wordpress theme

Celebrities / Gossip Wordpress Theme

celebrities wordpress theme

Party / Nightlife Wordpress Theme

nightlife theme

Shopping / Online Shopping Wordpress Theme

shopping theme

Fashion Wordpress Theme

fashion wordpress theme

Love / Relationship Wordpress Theme


Dating & Romance Wordpress Theme

dating wp theme

Wedding Wordpress Theme

wedding theme

World of Warcraft (WoW) Wordpress Theme

wow wp theme

X-Box 360 Wordpress Theme

x-box theme

General Video Games Wordpress Theme

video game theme

Fitness & Weight Loss Wordpress Theme

fitness wp theme

Health & Nutrition Wordpress Theme


Cooking / Recipes Wordpress Theme

cooking theme

Yoga / Alternative Healing Wordpress Theme

yoga theme

Sports Wordpress Theme

sports theme

Beach / Vacation Wordpress Theme

beach theme

Travel / Tourism Wordpress Theme

travel theme

Cell / Mobile Phone Wordpress Theme

cell phone theme

Technology / Gadgets Wordpress Theme

tech theme

Computers & Laptops Wordpress Theme

laptop theme

Digital Photography Wordpress Theme

digitlal photography theme

Fast Cars / Automobile Wordpress Theme

cars theme

Musician's Wordpress Theme

music theme

Guitars / Music Equipment Wordpress Theme

music 2 theme



No only do you get 30 professionally designed Wordpress themes to match almost any blog you can think of, you'll also get the Resell Rights to Instant Wordpress Themes so you too can make money by reselling the themes to your clients or customers.

Here's what you can and cannot do with the Resell Rights license:

[YES] Can be packaged with other products
[YES] Can be added to paid membership sites
[YES] Can be applied to blogs for sale (blog flipping) 
[YES] Can be applied to your client's blogs 
[YES] Can sell Resale Rights (comes with sales letter)

[NO] Can be given away for free 
[NO] Can be sold at auction sites 
[NO] Can edit the theme source files 
[NO] Can sell Private Label Rights

You'll also get the complete sales copy and images as you see on this page, which you can upload into your own domain name and sell using your own Paypal / 2CheckOut / Clickbank account.

The Resell Rights to this incredible package is only valid for a limited time, so make sure you secure your copy now - and stand to profit massively from your investment!


Secure your copy of Instant Wordpress Themes (Volume 1) now at the lowest possible price of just £37.00.

You'll get 30 complete themes, instructions on how to use the themes, complete Photoshop files for the headers, and also the Resell Rights to the entire package.

If you've ever wondered what else you can do to massively skyrocket your blogging income, this is what you've been looking for. With almost no extra effot, you can be making so much more money from Google Adsense and Clickbank...

You owe it to yourself to make things happen!

(All downloads are instant. All themes are optimized for Wordpress 2.1 and above, for self-hosted Wordpress blogs only. Will not work in free Wordpress.com blogs)

P/S: We reserve the right to replace / add / modify individual theme designs at any time. If you see something you like this may be the only chance for you to get it. So if you're serious about building a better, more effective Wordpress blog.

P/P/S: Due to the extreme low price, we will not entertain refunds. If you're planning to get it and ask for a refund, don't bother buying. If you need to justify the expense, skip going to McDonald's for dinner once this week and it's paid for

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