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Kokoshungsan Ltd. is inviting to distributors, franchises, resellers, freelancers..etc  to contact us if you have interests to make money online and work from home. You may select any of the following options:

Affiliates –The affiliate program is ABSOLUTELY FREE. We provide multi-tier/multi-level affiliate tracking with up to 5 Tiers! With the multi-tier affiliate tracking system, not only are you rewarded, you also get rewarded for encouraging other affiliates to join the affiliate program. Check more information HERE.

Resellers – Our trade/reseller discounts start at 10-75% and include FREE dropship service and FREE shipping (subject to minimum order). Register a reseller account HERE.

Vendors- Welcome to sell your products/services at Our army of affiliates and resellers will promote products for you! Sign up as vendor HERE

Freelancers- You can also sell your services, digital products, tips..etc at 

If you run an online website, you may become: Simple affiliate or/and add our products to your online shop to receive Trade discounts .

Do you need your own website? We can also help! We can set up a trading e-commerce website loaded with your brand /our brand products and ready to trade within hours (depending upon our workload) with the ability to accept online payments, and all sales are then granted special trade discount. We can even provide free dropship service and despatch orders for you so, in this option, there is NO need to carry stock! No Large Financial Outlay and no need to carry stock! Purchase your web store HERE.  

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